(7-13-19) Robert Ellison was an award-winning daylily hybridizer and a longtime friend of one Hidden Timber Gardens employee, Michelle Rogers. Ellison taught Michelle the art of breeding beautiful and unique daylilies. Before Ellison passed away in August of 2018, he asked Michelle to carry on his legacy of creating these daylilies.

Michelle Rogers

Rogers said the goal is to –

“continue his breeding and showcasing his life’s work.”

Hidden Timber Gardens collaborated with Michelle during ‘Daylily Bloomfest‘ to create the Robert Ellison Memorial Garden. A garden dedication took place this morning. Visitors were able to tour the memorial garden as well as purchase unique daylilies right from the garden. Many of the lilies are only available at Hidden Timber Gardens since they were Bob’s individual creations.


The new garden is located at – Hidden Timber Gardens, 462 S. Chana Rd., Chana, Illinois


Some background on Ellison

In 2010 Ellison won the Howard Hite Award for Hybridizing Excellence.

2000 article on Ellison from the Region 2 Great Lakes Newsletter (Spring/Summer).

ellison 2000