MPG 119

(6-25-19) This seedling is one that should interest many breeders, it is one that takes the unique qualities of both the pod and pollen parent and turns it into a very special hosta.

Mike Groothuis described his seedling on the Growers of Hosta Seeds Facebook group-

MPG-119, this is another one of my ‘Hyuga Urijiro’ x ‘Empress Wu’ crosses from 2012. I LOVE the form of this one. It stands extremely upright, showcasing the underside of the leaves, allowing light to show off the veins.

MPG-119 inherits the size of its pollen parentEmpress Wu and the leaf shape of its pod parent ‘Hyuga Urijiro’. With many breeders looking for size in their crossing, Empress Wu is a choice of many, but to get the leaf shape of a small  Japanese import adds that special look.

  • Empress Wu ( ‘Big John‘ hybrid, Brian & Virginia Skaggs 2008)
  • Hyuga Urajiro (10″ high and 14″ wide) imported to the U.S. from Japan by Minnesota’s Hosta Guru Hideko Gowen. H. ‘Hyuga Urajiro‘ features frosty blue spear-like leaves with yellow streaks. The undersides of the leaves have a metallic silver coloration.

MPG 119 a

You will have to agree that MPG-119 has met the standard of a quality new seedling that many would like to have in their collection.


Interesting fact about the ‘Hyuga Urijiro’

The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), “H.Hyuga Urajiro‘ = H. kikutii leuconata. This represents a reversal of the Japanese common name for H. kikutii leuconata, i.e.,

Urajiro Hyuga Gibōshi‘. The plant itself has green foliage with an intense white underside (“urajiro“). In the last few years, the name ‘Hyuga Urajiro‘ has been used to market a Japanese import with green and yellow-streaked (white backed) foliage, but that is not correct.”

*According to Groothuis he used the streaked import ‘Hyuga Urijiro’ listed above and not the one Zilis said was the correct version of ‘Hyuga Urijiro’.