(6-22-19) Raising hostas is more than just  gardening, it is also fighting off those ‘villians’ to your prized collection.

This year baby rabbits and chipmunks have declared war on my garden…sometimes they are aided by squirrels. Others in the hosta world have major issues with deer and voles. To some they may look cute and beautiful, but to many of us they mean the loss of some of your favorite hostas.

How many ways have you tried to stop these villains with guaranteed success by those products at a BIG box store???


Take a look at a forum online when it asked –

What works best to keep rabbits away from flowers?

some of the replies

  • Buy “Moth Balls” or “Moth Flakes” and sprinkle them inside and around your plants. Rabbits used to eat all my plants and decorative grasses till a friend told me about this. Now, it’s not a problem anymore.
  • Just get a cat or two. We’ve never had a problem with rabbits!
  • Go to the local beauty shop and get a small bag of human hair clippings. If you will sprinkle them around your flower bed that should do the trick.
  • Mint should do the trick. But remember mint plants are invasive, so plant them in a planter or they will be everywhere 🙂 They also work for mice.

You can also go to Google and ask what is the best way to keep these ‘villains’ away from your plants and you can research all day. This will keep your head spinning for hours, meanwhile the ‘villains’ are having lunch on you. After trying numerous methods and products…you can still go out and see the damage being done.

You Tube has plenty of videos…

Add ‘Mother Nature’ to the mix and you will see that raising hostas in your garden can be quite an ordeal. Is there a perfect solution? If you know of one please share…because may of us would be happy to try it…since we’ve tried everything else


  • Now we can respect those volunteers/weedlings that survive against all odds.