Jeroen Linneman

(6-22-19) The 2019 Eunice Fisher Distinguished Hybridizer Merit Award went to Jeroen Linneman from Holland. Known for his Hosta Valley lines.

Listen to the presentation below to hear his many accomplishments

The Eunice Fisher Distinguished Hybridizer Merit Award is given in recognition of outstanding achievement in hosta hybridizing to a member of the Society who has truly advanced the genus Hosta.

Eunice Fisher Distinguished		Eunice Fisher
Hybridizer Merit Award  		Distinguished Merit Hosta
Mildred Seaver 		2006 	  	H. 'Sea Fire'
Mary Chastain 		2007 	  	H. 'Lakeside Cupcake'
Robert M. Solberg 	2008 	  	H. ‘Ginsu Knife’
William/Eleanor Lachman 2009 	  	H. 'Robert Frost'
Dick Ward 		2010 	  	H. 'Fat Cat'
Bob Kuk 		2011 	  	H. 'Van Wade'
Dr. Kevin Vaughn 	2012 	  	H. 'Christmas Tree'
Olga Petryszyn 		2013 	  	H. 'Brother Stefan'
Dr. Jim Wilkins 	2014 	  	H. 'Wolverine'
Tony Avent 		2015 	  	H. 'Branching Out'
Don Dean 		2016 	  	H. 'Pure Intentions'
Dr Douglas Beilstein 	2017 	  	H. 'Cup of Grace'
Bev and Dave Stegeman 	2018 	  	H. 'Midnight Oil'
Jeroen Linneman		2019		H. 'Valley's Pavlova'
Valley's Pavlova
Valley’s Pavlova