Clive Harrington

(6-19-19) Sometimes a hosta just catches your eye…this volunteer/weedling did just that and now survives to live another day.

The above picture is from today when it was removed, the picture below is when I first saw it in late May. The hosta was located in Clive, Iowa and was located next door to my daughter’s house. When my son-in-law asked his neighbor if he would let me have it…the answer came quickly

“I’ve been wanting to get rid of that thing for a long time.’

Clive Hosta

picture on May 28th, 2019

This has to be a tough one to survive this long, located in hard dirt, gravel, with a water hose hanging over it and coming out of the retaining wall…the only hosta in the neighbor’s yard.

Keri Hosta.jpg

Daughter’s hostas

My daughter has several large hostas on her side of the yard that have been their for a longtime and one small one underneath those monsters. Most likely the seed came from one of those hostas on a windy fall day. There were several other volunteers coming out of her retaining wall cracks, but looked nothing like the one next door. It is amazing that hostas can grow in situations like this, as someone who has raised a few hostas from seeds it is hard to comprehend this one surviving.

This hosta has several things I like about it, ruffled leaves, unique evolving coloring during the summer (blue, green and yellow) and an almost white or light on the bottom of the leaf.

It is a survivor and a tough little hosta that will soon reside in Northern Illinois.