Green Bay FB

(9-11-19) 2019 AHS National Convention participants will get two gift plants this week while in Green Bay. One new variety in ‘Golden Harmony‘ and one of the hot items for many collectors ‘Wu La La‘.

Golden Harmony’  (open pollenated seedling of ‘Golden Waffles.’ (Herb King, 2018)) — a very corrugated Hosta introduced by local hybridizers, Herb and Gladys King of Green Bay, for whom the King Shade Garden at the Green Bay Botanical Garden is named. This brand-new Hosta variety has never been offered to the public before.

The King’s also provided the gift plant in 2018 with ‘Friends Forever‘, both plants are not registered and no listing of pod or pollen parents is provided.

Wu La La‘ (Walters Gardens ‘Empress Wu’ sport)

A sport of ‘Empress Wu‘ takes the size and presence of the massively popular hosta and takes it to the next level with an attractive margin. Blue-green leaves have striking apple-green margins, as well as good substance. Like ‘Empress Wu‘, this hosta will take about 5 years to reach full maturity and size. Violet flowers appear in early to midsummer.

Wu La La‘ was provided by Proven Winners.