(5-29-19) Three hostas with three different stories. This is what makes being a part of this world really special and enjoyable.

red cloud
Red Cloud

Sent an email to Breck’s where I purchased a ‘White Feather‘ and ‘Red Cloud‘ (bare roots) in the spring. After planting them both, they started to grow and make great progress.

Then I noticed the ‘Red Cloud‘ didn’t look anything like its namesake. So this is when the following email went out to Breck’s-

First of all I just purchased two hostas (White Feather and Red Cloud) from you, both are doing great.

But my ‘Red Cloud‘ doesn’t look at all like the picture on your site…but it has a great look. There is a sport of ‘Red Cloud‘ named ‘The British Are Coming’ and it looks more like that then ‘Red Cloud‘.

Here is the picture of what I received— (sent photo above).

This the reply I received –

Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, with the information provided in your email. I am unable to locate your account.

To complete your request, please provide the following information:

  • Full name as shown on the account
  • Complete mailing (billing) Address with Postal Code
  • Account # Order # (if applicable)
  • Email address(es) that may be associated with your account

As soon as we receive the information listed above, we’ll be able to process your request.


Customer Care

Soooo….even though I like the hosta that I have growing, the customer service is a D-.

First Frost
First Frost

The next hosta came from a local box store who uses an area nursery that I am familiar with. Sitting in the middle of 25 or so ‘First Frost‘ is the beauty pictured above. Either it is a misidentified hosta or a sport that slipped through the tissue culture process, it also has red petitoles which is not a part of the ‘First Frost‘ description.

Unique and unusual is what catches the eye. It may some day revert, but for now it is a nice addition,

Clive Hosta

The third hosta (above) has unknown origins (most likely a volunteer), but it caught my eye on a recent visit to my daughter’s family in Iowa.

While planting some of my seedlings to help my daughter’s yard perk up a little bit,  I noticed the next door neighbor had a hosta growing up out of the side of his house from the foundation. The neighbor had no other hostas around his house, although my daughter does have several around her home…but nothing like the one pictured above.

It was tempting to ask the neighbor if I could have it…but thought better of it since I don’t know the neighbor (yet).

This hosta had so many unique features…it almost looks gray, great leaf texture, some waves….so maybe when I go back in the fall I can get some of those seed pods.

Many hosta people have similar stories…these are just three of them. This is why we collect and breed them for future plants, it is all a part of the fun.