Holar Sunset Cobra

(Photos courtesy of Danny Van Eechaute)

(5-18-19) Posting on the Red Hostas Facebook group today Belgium’s Danny Van Eechaute posted these two pictures of ‘Holar Sunset Cobra‘, which is a future introduction from Belgium’s Ronny Van Keer. It’s a pretty good endorsement for a new seedling when you see these two names  mentioned together.

This plant has extreme dark petioles and a dark bronze bloom…and it has that red blush in the leaf that everyone would like to have and is hoping to attain in future seedlings.

Holar Sunset Cobra‘ (Tequila Sunrise x Maya Kingsnake), is a cross that has worked for Van Keer several times with Holar Garnet Crow and Holar Sunset Python. Plus several of his other crosses that have used either Greg Johnson’s  Tequila Sunrise (‘Spritzer’ x pycnophylla) or Alttara Scheer’s  Maya Kingsnake, those two are well-respected hybridizers and some of the best

Maya Kingsnake is continuing to be one of the most used hostas for crosses by many of the top hybridizers. The results have been breath-taking for many hosta lovers, this new Van Keer seedling is no exception.

This is what Alttara Scheer said about her creation:

A sleek and shiny green, ‘Maya Kingsnake’ is a medium sized plant with new leaves showing red well up into the central leaf vein, petioles red front and back, and gently undulating leaf edges. In August the scapes come slithering up through the foliage, a deeply saturated, dense red which appears pure black. As the scapes elongate the bracts emerge with a bright center, revealing violet buds and finally purple flowers into September. Extremely fertile both ways, and one of my favorite breeders.

Holar Sunset Cobra leaf


It seems that we are starting to see more and more seedlings showing the red or red blush in the leaf, be sure to keep and eye on this one for your breeding program.

Your opinion – Would a cross with First Blush work? (you can answer in comments below)

Ronny Van Keer’s Holar Hosta Line…

Hosta Name		Originator	 Origin
Holar Arches Park	Ronny Van Keer	'Arch Duke' x 'Jurassic Park' 
Holar Banana Moon	Ronny Van Keer	'Harry van de Laar' seedling 
Holar Black Swan	Ronny Van Keer	'One Man's Treasure' x 'Red Neck Heaven' 
Holar Crimson Grape	Ronny Van Keer	'One Man's Treasure' x 'Harry van de Laar' 
Holar Dragon Rider	Ronny Van Keer  'Mr Blue' x 'Arch Duke' 
Holar Early Days	Ronny Van Keer	'Tequila Sunrise' seedling 
Holar Fire Rainbow	Ronny Van Keer	(x 'Justice') x 'Mr Blue' 
Holar Flying Saucer	Ronny Van Keer	 
Holar Garnet Crow	Ronny Van Keer	'Tequila Sunrise' x 'Maya Kingsnake' 
Holar High Waves	Ronny Van Keer	'Arch Duke' seedling 
Holar Ice Empress	Ronny Van Keer	'Empress Wu' hybrid 
Holar Microstrip	Ronny Van Keer	'Riptide' x 'Smokey' 
Holar Mystic Purple	Ronny Van Keer	'Purple Haze' seedling 
Holar Purple Flash	Ronny Van Keer	'Purple Haze' x 'Riptide' 
Holar Rainbow Colors	Ronny Van Keer	'Justice' x 'Arch Duke' 
Holar Rainbow River	Ronny Van Keer	(x 'Justice') x 'Green Dragonet' 
Holar Rainbow Springs	Ronny Van Keer	'Justice' seedling
Holar Red Sea Shell	Ronny Van Keer	'Marilyn Monroe' x 'Maya Kingsnake' 
Holar Red Spear		Ronny Van Keer	'Maya Kingsnake' x 'Red Imp' 
Holar Red Wine		Ronny Van Keer	'Harry van de Laar' x 'Katsuragawa Beni' 
Holar Rising Flame	Ronny Van Keer	'Tequila Sunrise' x 'Mr Blue' 
Holar Snake Valley	Ronny Van Keer	'Valley's Top' x 'Maya Kingsnake' 
Holar Sunset Cobra	Ronny Van Keer	'Tequila Sunrise' x 'Maya Kingsnake' 
Holar Sunset Python	Ronny Van Keer	'Tequila Sunrise' x 'Maya Kingsnake' 
Holar White Satin	Ronny Van Keer	'Uncle Albert' x 'Gretchen's Grace' 
Holar Wild Side		Ronny Van Keer	'Neptune' x 'Tequila Sunrise'