(5-6-19)  One thing many hosta lovers can appreciate is the way social media keeps many of us informed of what is taking place around the world, just not the US. A great opportunity to share information with some of the top hosta folks in the world and those of us who just enjoy collecting them.

Facebook seems to be the best way to keep track of those on other continents.

Social media opportunities allow quick access to what is taking place around the world and has open the door for exchanges between hosta lovers that in the past that would have never happened.

New Zealand is one of the most unique places to many of the other hosta parts of the world…with the seasons of the year being different then most of us it makes for an interesting look. When it is summer in the US and winter down under and vice-a-versa when the seasons change. So while we are growing seeds in the winter, they are sharing pictures of their plants in the garden, it helps us in our wait for spring.

Japan‘s page is also a must group to follow on Facebook…the land of the ‘wild’ hostas that has developed into many of the hostas we all get to enjoy.

We are seeing lots of seed exchanges going on from one country to another, social media has been a big part of that. Going along with Facebook, is FB Messenger and email correspondence.

The best part…it just takes a mouse and a keyboard to do it.

Around the ‘World’ Facebook groups….

Thanks to a Facebook translation link on Facebook it makes the communication between countries very easy.