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(5-3-19) Tonight on the Red Hostas Facebook page Doug Beilstein caught the attention of many hybridizers when he shared the picture of the above seedling.

The hunt for a red leaf hosta just took a giant leap to becoming a reality. It looks to be the next First Blush in the development of the red hosta.

The secret ingredient may be Redback Tavern:

Redback Tavern‘ is a breeder’s dream to get more red into the leafbacks. The above seedling proves that is happening for sure.

According to the description….This plant was a gift from Arthur Wrede to Rick Goodenough. Rick has had success in using it in his red breeding efforts. It passes along the red flash in the leaves that only lasts a short time in spring, but the petioles remain red throughout the season. ‘Redback Tavern” is out of Arthur’s ‘Miss Susie‘ lines and it also passes along very nice wavy edges even though it has only moderate waviness.

Plus you add two of Bob Solberg’s terrific creations that ooze in red with First Blush and Mango Salsa. Bingo you have a breakthrough red hosta.

Plus you add the creators of all of those involved in the cross of this red beauty make it that more special…Arthur Wrede, Rick Goodenough, Bob Solberg and Doug Beilstein and you have a very, very special seedling.

Beilstein’s Hosta Works is a  dream site for those of us who want to purchase seeds during the month of November to get us through the winter. The seeds auctioned by Doug are quite affordable…and great quality. So it is no surprise about this new red seedling. Someday you might to be able get seeds from this currently unnamed beauty.  So it is no surprise that this red seedling came from a Beilstein cross.

What would you pay for future seeds from this new creation in the future…how about buying this plant in the future for your red breeding program.  It will be fun to watch what Doug does with his new creation.

On a reply on the Facebook page Rick Goodenough said it best –

Huge progress! Hats off man!

Good Advice

Beilstein posted on Facebook about another seedling of his on Facebook –

I’m beginning to think I should keep any half promising seedling for two years