(4-17-19)  This has been a good few days if you are hoping to add to your breeding program. Jeff Moore will be offering several in the upcoming weeks that don’t come along very often.

Jeff Moore

I am cutting way back on hybridizing this year and decided to auction off some really nice plants this spring so that others might have to opportunity to work with them.

These five are all streakers –

  • FireballHarry van de Laar  sport
  • Desert RoseFickle Blue Genes x Painted Desert
  • Jungle Cascade –  Tarzan (Uberageous f1) x Blue Cascade
  • Old Man and the Sea (Dorothy Benedict x My Mom) x Painted Blueberry
  • Sanitarium Dorset Clown x Blueberry Muffin.

The auction is listed on the Facebook group – Hosta Auctions

Fireball starts out with a $200 bid and the other four with a $100 bid. The auction will end on April 23rd. It is only for US shipping.

J Moore 1

J Moore 2

j moore 4

j moore 6

j moore 5

***will update when Jeff adds another item for auction…..