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(pictured 7 of the 9 FOosf members)

(4-15-19) Several years ago this web site featured the Fraternal Order of the Seedy Fellows and included some of the top hybridizers of our time, many still continue today.

The site features each hybridizer, along with special features on each one and some of the their seedlings that still impact the hosta world today. For those who are new at working with hostas it is a gold mine of information in many different ways.

Some of the interesting thoughts and impact of the nine of the FOoSF –

Ron LivingstonJoining hosta forums on the internet, like Hostapix, not only gave me access to unlimited information, but also allowed me to meet some great people who also had the same interests. This fueled my drive. 

Stuart AschHybridizing hosta is still most enjoyable, fun and certainly as challenging as ever. The quest for the perfect hosta continues.

‘Indiana’ Bob Balitewicz I was introduced to hostas by my daughter’s professor, the late Bill Brincka, of the Art Institute in Chicago. Bill taught me about hybridizing and having a goal.

Bev and Dave StegemanFrom that time on, red in the petioles, scapes, and leaves has been a driving force in our hybridizing. We still work with the reds, but continue to be inspired in new directions by the beautiful plants of our FOoSF group members

Alttara Scheer The encompassing arms of Mother Nature have always been comfort and solace to me, and nurturing her soil and adding to her beauty by creating new plants is my small contribution to something much greater than all of us.

Kent TerpeningThe best part of being part of the FOoSF group is having the ability to share ideas and techniques. We also as a group tend to challenge each other to produce our best work. I can’t wait to see what our group has in store for the future. I hope we continue to lead the way in hosta hybridizing in the future!

When you check out the awards and the new introductions created by these nine, you can see that over the years this group has made contributions that will last a long time.

Fraternal Order of the Seedy Fellows