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(4-11-19)  Belgium’s Louis Vissers has a goal that he is getting very close to reaching-

my breeding plan is a white (ghost) plant with red stems  and hopefully further in the leaf

One of those seedlings (see above picture) Vissers has in his program is a Spring Ghost X (Maya Kingsnake X OP) seedling  from a few years ago that is ‘very‘ white.

Spring Ghost X Mr.Jack
Spring Ghost X Mr.Jack

But the key could be his seedling (above) by Spring Ghost X Mr. Jack. This seedling has red petioles and some of that extends into the leaf, thanks to Arthur Wrede’s Mr. Jack.

According to Vissers –

hopefully it will be fertile and my mother plant for the next generation with better red petioles. But its a start.


Spring Ghost
Spring Ghost


Danny Van Eechaute’s Spring Ghost  (sport of ‘Blueberry Muffin’) is the key part of Vissers long-range plan and it is easy to see why it is working. It emerges creamy-white with occasional splashes of blue-green on some leaves with pink petioles. Gradually, more blue-green streaks and splashes develop, until it turns completely blue like its parent,  Blueberry Muffin.

Raising white hostas is especially a tough challenge for any breeder, but Vissers path seems to be heading in the right direction during these early stages.

You can purchase Spring Ghost online at In the Country Gardens for $45