Pelonia Smiles

(3-31-19) The above seedling came from Paul Dale and is a Delona’s Smile x OP cross. The camera does not show the true blue-green in the leaf, but you can see the nice shape and substance of the leaf. This seedling was lost in a group of seedlings and did not stand out, but when it took off and took a growth spurt it started to show some potential.

Delona’s Smile has a nice variety of colors in its background, including blue green, but the intent was bringing out the yellow. According to its description ‘it was hybridized to be very yellow, have heavy substance and be sun tolerant‘. All of those characteristics took place.

So where does this seedling get its blue green roots from? Most likely the strong  ‘Hercules’ influence in the cross.

Delona's Smile yellow

The two yellow seedlings above are from the same Paul Dale cross and they really show its pod parents heritage.

The cross delivers and will give you a variety of seedlings using Delona’s Smile, the right cross might be the one you have been looking for.

Hosta Heritage Lines

Delona’s Smile (“‘Kinkaku’ F2” x ‘Hercules’) selfed) (Bob Solberg 2013)

Delona's Smile

A Bob Solberg creation it was a gift plant at the 2012  AHS Convention in Nashville. This hosta was hybridized to be very yellow, have heavy substance, be sun tolerant, and be large, but is small.



 Kinkaku (Gotemba/Klehm) Origin Mt. Fuji,Japan
Leaf color golden yellow, narrow green and rippled  edge, 15″ tall and white flowers.

Kinkaku‘ is a montana sport collected in the wild of Japan. It was introduced to the international marketplace by Klehm in the late ’80s.  ‘Kinkaku‘ is from the same region of Japan that produced montana ‘Cho Ko Nishiki’,



Hercules ‘Sagae’ hybrid (James Goffery/Alex Summers) – large puckered blue-green leaves, near white flowers

Given its name it is a very large: 33″ high by 70″ wide, semi upright mound of blue-green foliage; leaves measure 14″ long by 11 1/2 ” wide blue-green pointed leaves, topped with a multitude of near white flowers in June.