Lemon Snap

courtesy Green Hill Hostas

(3-25-19) The next ‘Big Thing’ for hosta hybridizers seems to be Bob Solberg’s ‘Lemon Snap‘. This one could help in the future development of a yellow version of it’s close relative First Blush.

It is getting great reviews from those who have used it in crosses this past winter.

You can buy them from Bob Solberg’s Green Hiil Hostas for $50.

(Solberg 2018) ([‘Smiley Face’ X ‘Beet Salad] X [‘Peacock Strut’ X ‘Beet Salad‘])

Medium, (10″ X 20″) This hosta is the headliner of the next generation of our yellow hostas with bright red petioles. The leaves can be cupped up to really the red as it saturates the midrib sometimes to near the middle of the leaf. The cupping is a new leaf shape for this line of breeding with some puckers thrown in here and there. In mid-summer a very dark purple scape emerges with pretty purple striped flowers in a tight mass. A great breeder, too.

Take a look at what ‘Lemon Snap‘ is producing and who is using it in their crosses –

Lemon Snap mv.jpg

Lemon snap bs

Lemon snap jw

You have to love the crosses that have produced ‘Lemon Snap‘, including a double dose of Beet Salad.

Smiley Face
( “clausa f. normalis F2” x ‘Strawberry Banana Smoothie’)
(Bob Solberg 2011) yellow color,  pink petioles and heavy substance.

In the description Solberg says

this is my favorite hosta

Peacock Strut
(‘Riptide’ seedling) (Wyatt Lefever/Bob Solberg 2005)
blue-gray foliage and purple petioles

Also take a good look at ‘Lemon Kiss‘ if your looking to add some more to your seedling development

(Solberg 2018) (‘Smiley Face’ X ‘Beet Salad’) Small, (6″ X 14″)

Sometimes hybridizers have a good thing but still want to make it better. ‘Lemon Kiss’ is an improvement on our very popular ‘Smiley Face’. It is a cross of ‘Smiley Face’ back to ‘Beet Salad’. The result is a bright yellow very small hosta with good substance and intense red petioles. You just have to touch it to believe it

Just $20 at Green Hill Hostas-