wow AA

(2-21-19) While we are all waiting for spring weather to arrive, one good thing about Winter (besides it ending soon) is all of the pictures of the newest seedling being developed. This year several Facebook pages (Hosta Seedlings and Red Hostas) and their members have shared them and like to ‘show-off’ their latest editions.

Although there are many seedlings out there that we all like, some make you say ‘Wooowzer‘, so Hosta Heritage Lines presents 21 we feel do just that.

wow 21

wow 1

wow 10

wow 11

wow 12

wow 13

wow 14

wow 15

wow 2.jpg

wow 3

wow 4.jpg

wow 5

wow 6

wow 7

wow 8.jpg

wow 9

wow 16

wow 17

wow 18

wow 19

wow 20

So do you have a “Wooowzer‘ growing in your seedling collection? Let us know if you do or post it on our web site Hosta Heritage Lines. also let us know which of these 21 made you say ‘Wooowzer‘!