Kevin Vaughn

Kevin Vaughn?

(2-15-19) Doing research on some recently acquired hosta seedlings that are marked ‘Kevin Vaughn‘ X OP.

Is there really a hosta  named  ‘Kevin Vaughn‘  Below are several ideas on the mystery from several reliable sites.

The name ‘Kevin Vaughn‘ was used briefly for a white- centered stable form of ‘Christmas Tree‘. When it turned out to be a poor plant, it was dropped. Streaked plants of unknown origin have gone around that are incorrectly named ‘Kevin Vaughn‘.

Another description—

Bill and Eleanor at the national Hosta Conventioin in 1986 won top honors, the President’s Exhibitor Award at the cut leaf show. Later they named it Hosta ‘Kevin Vaughn’ as an honor to their close friend Kevin. The plant is rare and still sreaked but does go green. The Lachmans never officially registered or released this plant, but they did trade divisions to special friends. At this time sreaked hostas were not being registered, so the results are that it is a rare plant”.

Another description—

Rare and confusing Hosta.

Described as the reverse ‘Christmas Tree‘ or a sport of ‘Christmas Tree Gala‘, the real ‘Kevin Vaughn’ is a Lachman hybrid, streaked and a good breeder. It is a smaller plant with no puckering.

According to Bill Meyer:

“Kevin himself said that there is no Hosta ‘Kevin Vaughn‘. That name was given by someone else to the white-centered stable form of ‘Christmas Tree’, which later disappeared. To my knowledge there aren’t any white-center ‘Christmas Tree‘ sports out there named or unnamed, but there are streaked plants like the one in the Library with the name ‘Kevin Vaughn‘ on them. These are probably either ‘Christmas Tree Gala‘ or some unnamed seedling. So, unless someone has a stable white-center ‘Christmas Tree’, they do not have H. ‘Kevin Vaughn‘.”

So is there really a ‘Kevin Vaughn‘ hosta?

One thing we do know…there really was a pioneer hybridizer named Kevin Vaughn, who made a giant impact in the hosta world that we all still benefit from.

A Hostas Library article about Vaughn the hybridizer shows why a hosta named after him would be an honor to have in your garden, here is a snippet of that article.

Kevin Vaughn was one of the brightest stars on the hosta horizon while still in his twenties. Having published one of the very best fundamental scientific studies on hostas, he concentrated for a while on hybridizing and had a profound effect on the genus as we know it today. “The Cross” is one of the great moments in the development of hostas, and it belongs on anyone’s Top Ten list of the most important moments in hosta history.

Did you know….

From a cross of H. ‘Breeders Choice’ F2 x H. pycnophylla, is a1996 introduction from master breeder Kevin Vaughn. Named after Kevin’s mother , H. ‘Shirley Vaughn‘ has a 60″ giant clump…wavy green leaves with a wide cream-yellow margin. The clumps are topped with 3’ spikes of lavender flowers in July.