big green

(1-23-19) – My web site Hosta Heritage Lines has helped me to discover why the world of hostas is so great. By digging into what makes them all special and the qualities that they each acquire…is amazing.  From a hand-cross seedling to an OP the surprise the seeds share make it worth the time of raising them from the beginning.


(3 pictures) ‘Big Green‘ (garden name, see above ), I bought this one from NH Hostas as a bare root and never kept the name tag (before I cared ever thought about collecting or raising them). Today two of the seedlings (see below) from its pods made me smile, the leaves, who have some of the same attributes….but they (#1 and #2) are separate seedlings.

#1 bg seed


Pollen, courtesy of the bees (free service), could have come from  several nearby hostas,  including Allegan Emperor and Sum and Substance, they all had flowers about the same time. Several others were in the area.

Raising hostas from seeds is quite an experience, learning to have patience and handling disappointment of seeds not germinating are all a part of the process. If you thought about raising seeds, do it…it makes the winter go by a lot faster.
While these two seedling are not a red or a streaked hosta, you still have the chance to have your own seedling. It has been a satisfying experience.