sharon stone
Sharon Stone – photo courtesy Gail and Davud Russo

(1-19-19) Yesterday on the Hosta Buyers Guide Facebook page the following was posted:

auction ss

The  highest bid was $650.

Hosta Heritage Lines

Sharon Stone (Marilyn Monroe sport)  (Jan van den Top) – Blue, green, and silver-grey streaks blaze down rounded, ruffle-edged leaves to twisted tips. The addition of creamy highlights leaves

No sports or seedlings are on record as being produced by Sharon Stone. But if you want one in your collection it is going to make you dig way down deep in your pockets.  They often go for a large amount when placed on the auction block in the past.

sharon stone flower
Sharon Stone flower – photo courtesy of Gail and David Russo

Marilyn Monroe (longipes var. latifolia ‘Urajiro Hachijo’ seedling) (Jim Hawes/Pete & Jean Ruh 2005)

marilyn monroe
Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is a sister seedling of Alex Summers’ H. ‘Smokey‘ with rounded leaves, white backs, and red petioles. It also gives seedlings better than itself. Think these two hosta greats are onto something here.  They came from a small batch of tissue culture plants.

Has produced numerous sports and seedlings with a variety of other hostas, including  another Jan van den Top named, Jessica Alba.