proud mary
Proud Mary and Otter Point (pictures from AHS Auction Bid Site)

(1-16-19) The 2019 AHS Online Auction features a ‘volunteer’ and an unnamed seedling by a well known hybridizers.  In this world of specialized crosses, it is interesting that two hostas with unknown parentage are drawing a lot of attention in the auction.

The Volunteer

Proud Mary‘  is a volunteer seedling found by the donor near his shadehouse, although the parentage is not known. According to the donor’s description::

“It looks like an Uncle Albert’ seedling, but it doesn’t have the typical kikutii flower. It’s a large plant with pointed, dark green glossy leaves, Leaves on mature plants are corrugated and rippled, with upturned margins.

It’s not for sale anywhere, making it pretty exclusive for its new owner.

The ‘unnamed’ Seedling
Otter Point’ is an unregistered plant that was found when Art Wrede’s breeding stock at his nursery was being cleared out. This hosta was one that was selected and saved and isnow offered for auction.

What makes this hosta very attractive to collectors is Wrede’s success he had with hybridizing, including ‘Designer Genes’ and ‘Miss Ruby’.

The donor said that a small cloning run was done several years ago (100 of which 45 survived) but was never introduced.  This cultivar (were tagged as “#114”).  The donor added a name to this plant based on a peninsula near Art’s nursery.  ‘Otter Point’ developed into a medium-large white back type.

According to the donor ‘Otter Point‘ is  in about 15 gardens and will only be available as a donation to auction events.

  • ‘Otter Point’ donated by R.A. Smith, a hybridizer and our education chair, and comes from his personal collection.