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(1-14-19) If you are a newbie in the hosta world, listen up. There is one great offer from this year’s 2019 AHS Online Hosta Auction.

Jeff and Marie White’s Start Up Kit is a must have, not just one but eight seedlings are a part of this package. The winner will be able to select from a list that the Whites’ will provide to the winner.

–View this package on the 2019 AHS Online Auction

What you get if you win the bidding:

  • 8 pack of 1st yr seedlings from Jeff and Marie.
  • 4  streaked and good growing streaked OP seedlings. They will be from 4 different pod parents.
  • 4 will be solid colored seedlings from hand crosses, 4 good growing seedlings from 4 different crosses.

Possible choices that they are growing right now and might be a part of this kit:

****‘Neptune’ x ‘Violet Tarantula’ (straight from the Whites’ freezer)
‘Joyride’ x ‘Maya Kingsnake’
‘Giantland Banana Tree’ x ‘Skylight’
‘Maya Kingsnake’ x ‘Designer Genes’
‘Komodo Dragon’ x ‘Purple Verticulated Elf’
‘Purple Boots’ x ‘Blue Dogwood’
‘Joyride’ x ‘Designer Genes’
‘Empress Wu’ x ‘Hotel California’
‘Mantis’ x ‘Maya Kingsnake’
‘High Tide’ x ‘Skylight’
‘Blue Dogwood’ x ‘Smokey Bear’

***‘Violet Tarantula’ was lost last winter thanks to voles…Best in Class in last year’s HSG’s Seedling Competition for 1st Year Seedlings

The White’s have been more then generous in their efforts to promote hostas, especially to  newbies.  They recently were a big part of the Hosta Seed Growers‘ Seed Auction, 176 packs were auctioned off and brought in a total of $5,650 to help with the upcoming competition.

This start up kit gives you top notch seedlings from one of the most respected hybridizers of hostas, the Whites. You don’t see this type of offer of quality unnamed seedlings, that is why it is very special…this one hits the JACKPOT!

This item is already the most active items in the auction, it should be an interesting two weeks of bidding, all of the proceeds will go to the American Hosta Society.