korean seedling

(1-6-19) This hosta seedling ((Young-Deok Bibichu (Korean Hosta) x OP)) from Korea is by 김상율   (when  it was translated  Kim Sang-yeol) and has a little bit of everything, including red petioles, some unique leaves with a white background and some streaky green in the mix. Spectacular!

The above seedling is just one of many that have been shared on several Facebook groups by 김상율 -.

khosta 1

These hostas shows why many hybridizers love to add hostas like this from both Korea and Japan. Some spectacular crosses have come out of Korea and Japan, plus many native species that have been a big part of the development of hostas around the world.

khosta 2

Be sure to read this article from Glenn Herold on how Korea has played a big part in the world of hostas-

In the above article-

Korea has eight native hosta species:

  • Hosta capitata
  • H. clausa
  • H. jonesii
  • H. laevigata
  • H. minor
  • H. tsushimensis
  • H. venusta
  • H. yingeri

H. laevigata is closely related to H. yingeri, H. minor is closely related to H. venusta, and H. tsushimensis is closely related to H. jonesii. H. capitata and H. clausa

The native Korean species are an important part of some top hybridizers around the world according to Herold –

H. yingeri is used extensively in breeding, especially by the hybridizers Bob Solberg, Tony Avent, Greg Johnson, Don Dean, and Roy Herold.

khosta 3