princess point

Jeff Moore announced today on Facebook that he plans on selling some of his ‘breeding stock‘ to make room for some of his hibiscus seedlings (hoping he will continue with hosta creations in the future).

One of his offerings to get bidders excited about the coming auction is, Princess Point, which features some of Moore’s products from the past several years.. To acquire some of Moore’s breeding stock will be a big plus for those building their stock for the future.

jm culls

Moore is known for keeping only hostas of the highest quality in his program, known to cull some others that many of us would have kept.So how high will the auctions go…should be fun to watch.

Princess Point (Mauna Kea (‘Fickle Blue Genes’ x ‘Poison Dart Frog‘) x Princess Peves (Power of Prayer x Baja White)

Hosta Heritage Lines

Mauna Kea (‘Fickle Blue Genes’ x ‘Poison Dart Frog‘) blue-green,streaked,white

  • Fickle Blue Genes (‘William Lachman’ x hypoleuca) (Ed Elslager 2000) blue-green,streaked,yellow,cream, leaf, corrugated, cupped, wavy, round
  • Poison Dart Frog (‘Justice’ seedling) – green,streaked,cream


princess peves (power of prayer x baja white) hybridizer – jeff moore
Princess Peves (Power of Prayer x Baja White)

(Power of Prayer x Baja White)

  • Power of Prayer (‘Paradise Power’ sport) (Ron Snyder 2002) golden yellow,pale green edge
  • Baja White (‘Oshima Silk’ sport) (Mark Zilis/Josh Spece 2010) all green, Mark Zilis acquired ‘Oshima Silk’ from a Japanese collector in 2006.