19 auction

(1-2-19) Just around the corner—-

Don Dean
Online Auction Chair

Time is marching by quickly. AHS 2019 Online Auction begins Saturday, January 12th through Saturday, January 26th, 2019, to tune into your technology for some winter excitement that is sure to stoke spring dreams.

Sub-zero temps have arrived here and cabin fever activities coming up in January of 2019! There is no better time than now to take inventory, make note, and plan donations for the AHS Online Auction. 2019 Online Auction showed us all that there exists a great degree of interest in seed, especially seed from good quality seedlings, rare collector plants, and streaked breeders. My supply this year is empty due to an unusual year of unexpected events. Do not have any of those, hey, there is also interest in seed from classics. Our participants have widely varying degrees of interest and experience with growing seed. The same holds true of plants, if you like it … someone else will.

This event is the second largest fundraiser for the society each year. Donors provide a description of plant material, seed, or garden related items and a digital photo. Each item is posted in an easy to use auction format.

A live link to the auction will be posted upon the AHS homepage within the week.

Each year the AHS Online Auction is held in mid January. News is distributed via email notices and upon the AHS website. Enter the AHS website and send a message to the chair, Don Dean, requesting that your address be added to the mailing group. Changed your service provider or have a new email address? Be sure to send this news to Don as well.

This event is open to members as well as non-members. You are encouraged to invite a friend(s) to join in and at least enjoy the process.

Much more information will be coming to the membership later. Take a moment now with this message to have your email included in future messages. Planning for possible donations is even more time critical while we can see what we have. Give it a thought and consider joining in on the fun and entertainment when the plant world can seem to have stopped!