Frosted Raspberry

photo courtesy of Jan van den Top 

(1-1-19) New from the Netherlands and Jan van den Top is ‘Frosted Raspberry‘ a sport of ‘Raspberry Sorbet‘ . The new Hostaworld introduction is one of three new sports being introduced by the well respected hybridizer.

The other two are ‘Essence of Sunset‘ a sport of  ‘Essence of Summer’ and ‘Miss Lya‘, a sport of ‘Miss Linda Smith‘.

Hosta Heritage Lines For Frosted Raspberry

Raspberry Sorbet (rupifraga x ‘Shining Tot’)  (D. Lohman/Mark Zilis 1999) – Dark green, shiny leaves, purple flowers on red scapes. A small hybrid from Mark Zillis


  • ‘Glorious’ hybrid
  • ‘Missouri River’ = PP x ‘Riptide’
  • ‘Raspatini’ = PP x ‘Shining Tot’
  • ‘Raspberries and Cream’ sport
  • ‘Raspberry Meringue’ sport
  • ‘Raspberry Truffles’ sport/
  • ‘Ruby’ = “seedling” x PP
  • ‘Strawberry Yogurt’ = PP x ‘Shining Tot’

Shining Tot –  (venusta x ‘Rock Master’) – dark-green leaves topped by pale lavender flowers

Rock Master is a venusta hybrid

rupifraga (Takenoshin Nakai 1930/AHS 1993) In Japan known as the Hachijo Giboshi, the “Hachijo hosta,” named for Hachijojima, an island located in the Pacific Ocean 220 miles south of Tokyo in the hostile environment of Mount Hachijo-Fuji. It retains many of the features of longipes, to which it is related, but has ovate, leathery, almost succulent leaves. Plants belonging to this species have a heavy leaf substance that makes them favorite parents for hybridizing.