(12-26-18) Eau Claire, Wisconsin’s Charlie Kwick will have have six of his hostas tissue cultured by Bob Solberg.

Kwick told the Leader-Telegram

“Although, registering 70 or 80 of them, that’s fairly serious in the hosta world I suppose. But it’s just a hobby I enjoy, you know? … I’m very very lucky to have him (Solberg) select six.”

In the same article Solberg said:

“I evaluate them (the hostas) and take the best ones. “It makes me happy because their plants get distributed on a broader scale and (hosta growers) get a little money.”

“A lot of people collect thousands of hostas, but the interesting thing about his garden is most of all those plants were his. That was on the unique side. I was impressed by it.”

Solberg selected six hostas to tissue culture during his September visit.-

  • Hillary – ‘Sea Gulf Stream’ seedling
  • Big B – ‘Blue Umbrellas’ seedling
  • Colleen Marie – ‘Sagae’ x ‘Sea Gulf Stream’
  • Lady Peyton – ‘Carol’ x ‘Hadspen Blue’
  • Charlie Jane
  • Kim – ‘Komodo Dragon’ seedling

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