2019 SIGN

(12-24-18) Land of the Giants Farm and Jeff Miller introduces for 2019 is ‘Giantland Blue Cheese OS’.

This rare seedling is originator stock out of Spilt Milk X OP has blue leaves with the ‘spilled milk’ coloration that makes it very special. This introduction takes streaking in a new direction. It is very thick substance and much smaller.

Hosta Heritage Lines

Spilt Milk (‘Tokudama’ hybrid) (Mildred Seaver 1999)

15″ tall, green with white streaking and speckles, heart shaped leaves and white flowers.

Recognized as an one of the most unique hosta ever introduced by well known hybridizer Mildred Seaver.

Has produced several sports and seedlings of note-



  • ‘Fire Dancer’
  • ‘Flemish Milkshake’
  • ‘Green Milk’
  • ‘Milk Road’
  • ‘Pistache’
  • ‘Spilt Money’


  • ‘Andromeda’ seedling
  • ‘Blueberry Waffles’ = PP x ‘Abiqua Drinking Gourd’
  • ‘Giantland Blue Cheese’ seedling
  • ‘OHS Butter Pat’ seedling

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