Dorothy Benedicts

(12-18-18) Why should you register a hosta, the statement below is from the American Hosta Society (AHS) website:

The primary PURPOSE of registration is to limit confusion among hosta cultivars by establishing a permanent record in a central location. Registration provides benefits for the registrant by establishing a record of “ownership” of a cultivar, and provides the means for having the cultivar name and description published.

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The process to register a is quite lengthy and detailed in what is required. Some breeders feel it would be just as easy just to move on with the ‘garden name’ and bypass the process.

The goal of registering a new hosta from the AHS site is listed as –

The registration of Hosta cultivars is to the benefit of everyone with an interest in hosta. The goal is to eliminate confusion and to compile as complete a record as possible of all Hosta cultivars.

But for others it is not the route they go with their hybrid hostas:

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Does it matter to you when you purchase a hosta if it is registered or not registered? Each hosta seedling is unique, those who are growing seedlings look at what each seed’s heritage line offers before growing them.

One note a registered hosta does not have complete heritage lines listed to be registered. Including listings of open pollinated, unknown crosses and non-registered hostas.

You can find non-registered (and registered) hostas listed on two sites on the web if you need that information:

The AHS listings of registered hostas: