(12-11-18) The ‘World’ of Hostas is truly that today. Hybridizers from around the world can now communicate freely with each other at anytime they want thanks to Facebook, Messenger, email, etc. This includes sharing pictures, thoughts and ideas on the raising of hostas.

Around the ‘World’ Facebook groups….

Is there a  desire for international hosta seed exchanges between some of these countries? Rules and regulations vary from country to country.

Hosta Heritage Lines (HHL) would like to be a central ‘meeting’ point people can contact each other about buying, selling or trading seeds around the world. No cost to anyone from HHL for this service.

In order for this to work we ask for your thoughts and opinions from those who in the past have sent seeds overseas (or Canada).  Let us know your experiences on the successes and failures, what works and doesn’t work.