(12-10-18) During the winter months hosta enthusiast love to plan and look ahead to the spring and the return of their prized hostas. The next best way to do that in December is to be a part of a seed auction. This year’s Hosta Seed Growers‘ Auction did not disappoint those who participated.

176 selections of seeds were available, including some of the top hybridizers in the US and  several selections from New Zealand.

176 seed pacs were auctioned – (9.8 pacs donated per donor)

Individual donors (alphabetical):

  • Matt Bendig
  • Monty and Julie Carlson
  • Madelon Gilligan
  • Rick Goodenough
  • Jim Huseman
  • Rod Kuenster
  • Lee Couture
  • Jim and Lois McBurney
  • Jeff Miller
  • Owen and Sue Purvis
  • Doug Ruff
  • Marlene Rosenberg
  • Traci Seltz
  • Bev and Dave Stegeman
  • Phil Timm
  • Mike Vasey
  • Jeff and Marie White
  • Dan Wols

Making the auction a success behind the scene were several individuals who had key rolls in the auction and worked many hours on event  – Owen Purvis, Jeff and Marie White, Rod Kuenster, Carol Brashear and Bill Meyer.

The highest bid item at the end of the auction (out of 176 pacs) was a nice selection of seeds (Mother/Daughter Combo) from Dan Wols for $230, it was the only item to go over $200. Wols is no longer active in the hybridizing of hosta, but still has plenty of quality plants that deliver seeds and he is kind enough to donate them to help other in their programs.

Five other auction items went for over $100, including seeds from Wols, Jeff Miller, Rick Goodenough and Matt Bendig.

Highest Bid Seeds

Hosta Seed Growers Auction 2018


The Hosta Seed Growers Competition will be held in Green Bay, Wisconsin this year during the American Hosta Society National Convention on June 12-15, 2019.

176 seed pacs were auctioned, 52 different buyers purchased seed (3.4 packs per buyer average).

Winners of Auctions

Hosta Seed Growers Auction Buyers 2018