(11-30-18) Recently on the Red Hostas Facebook page Don Rawson posted some pictures of two of his Japanese imports ‘Akane‘ and “Kokuryu‘. The two are quite rare and known for their success in enhancing red flowers. Lots of excitement from hybridziers for future crosses and what they can do for the development in the future of red flowers in hostas.

Hosta Heritage Lines


Akane (sieboldii seedling) (Gotemba Nursery/Pete & Jean Ruh 2010)

A hybrid derivative from the sieboldii species, has reddish-coloring in florets; and was a popular hosta in Japan, prior to the introduction of H. ‘Kokuryu’, which is another, sieboldii derived red-in-floret type.

Akane Progeny

Amesthyst Star’ (Akane X unnamed seedling) (Jim Spence)
It has very dark purple flowers and fertile black seedpods.

‘Dixieland Jazz’ (‘Akane’  x OP) (Madelon Gilligan 2017)

From New Zealand – seed for this plant originated from Peter Ruh , Gilligan registered Dixieland Jazz, the seeds also produced a typical Akane that was much smaller size with red flowers

Extended flowering period and repeating white blooms, seed pods are nicely formed by the first week of March while new scapes are still forming.

Dixeland Jazz - photo courtesy Madelon Gilligan 2
Dixeland Jazz – photo courtesy Madelon Gilligan


Kokuryu (unknown) (Tsuneo Kurasawa/Toyozo Nakayama/Pete Ruh 2000)

Burgundy red flower, flower white back, white edged, deep burgundy, striped white.

Kokuyu Progeny
Dostoyevsky (‘Flor Roja’ x ‘Kokuryu‘) (Jeff Moore)
Flower is white,red striped

Flor Roja (‘Kokuryu’ seedling) (Jeff Moore)
Flower is white,red striped

Solzhenizen (‘Kokuryu’ x ‘Exp 136‘) (Jeff Moore)

War and Peace ( “Red Flower one” x ‘Kokuryu’) (Jeff Moore)
red,striped flower

*** NOTE: none of the Jeff Moore hostas above are registered