Frisian Yellow Waves

(11-18-18) 2019 Introductions are happening all over the world, this includes Holland’s Frisian Yellow Waves from Bate Aukema.

  • Frisian Yellow Waves (Frisian Waving Steel‘ x (‘Mikawa-no-yuki’ x ‘Gilt by Association’)) (Bate Aukema)

This hosta has a distinct international flavor, when you see hybridizers in the mix like Bate Aukema, Danny Van Eechaute, Marco Fransen, Hideko Gowen and then you throw in Herb Benedict and Kevin Walek.

  • NOTE: This is not the same Yellow Waves (‘Wogon’ x ‘Chartreuse Wiggles‘) that is registered

Hostage Heritage Lines
Frisian Waving Steel (‘Grand Slam’ x ‘Sky Dancer‘) (Bate Aukema)

  • Grand Slam (unknown) (Herb Benedict/Hideko Gowen 1990) dark glossy green leaves
  • Sky Dancer (‘Paradise Red Delight‘ seedling) (Danny Van Eechaute 2003)

Paradise Red Delight (pycnophylla seedling) (Marco Fransen) red spotting on petioles

Unnamed Seedling Lines
Gilt by Association (pycnophylla x pycnophylla)
(Kevin Walek 2000) bright spring gold with ruffled leaf margins, a white back, and purple petioles

Mikawa-no-yuki (H. longipes and H. kikutii) (Hajime Sugita/Pete Ruh 1997) (lots of progeny) lance leaf, white backed, purple speckling on both the petioles and bloom scapes.