(11-15-18) On a recent posting on the Red Hosta Facebook Group, Jeff Moore the administrator posted the following –

A concept cross for purple into the leaf – Holar Mystic Purple x Purple Haze. It is very early and this one will stay around long enough to evaluate. Could end up being years.

If that doesn’t get hosta fanatics excited to the future of more intense coloring of purple leaf hostas, nothing will. Moore is a highly respected and dedicated breeders in the hosta world. Over the past several years he has moved forward with several exciting red leaf projects.

Heritage Hosta Lines

Jeff Moore’s seedling

Other Purple Haze offspring

Possible purple hosta to use in future crosses

  • Purple Perfection (‘Purple Verticulated Elf’ seedling) (Herb & Dorothy Benedict/Rod Kuenster/AHS 2010)
  • Purple Verticulated Elf (seedling of F6 seedling of ‘Dorset Blue’”selfed) (Herb Benedict 2003)

It’s pioneers like Jeff Moore and others who work tirelessly that continue to develop special kinds of hostas that makes this all special to many of us who grow and collect hosta.