2019 SIGN

(11-11-18) In The Country has a large number of introductions for the 2019 hosta season.

One that should catch the attention is from the Netherland’s well-known hybrizer Jeroen Linneman and it is from his Valley’s collection, ‘Valley’s Love Buzz”.

  • Valley’s Love Buzz‘ (Valley’s pycnophylla seedling x Mildred Seaver’s ‘Queen of the Seas’) Jeroen Linneman (2015)
  • VIEW – Picture


  • Blue Ruffle leaves can easily reach over 12″ long
  • powdery-white undersides
  • end in a sharp point
  • 24″ tall and at least 36″ across
  • Light lavender flowers (seed viability is questionable)

To purchase ‘Valley’s Love Buzz’ online from In The Country for $75.

Heritage Lines

Queen of the Seas‘ has unknown heritage lines, but is a product of Mildred Seaver. In 1997 it won ‘Best of Show’ honors at the 1997 American Hosta Society convention.

Linneman also has another hosta that used ‘Queen of the Seas‘ and ‘T Rex‘ (Registered in 1999 as ‘Tom Rex’) in a cross to create ‘Valley’s Blue Flush‘.