Painted Desert x Maize Medley Cross

(11-1-18) Have you ever purchased a seedling and wanted to name it? How about buying a packet of seeds at an auction and you have a special seedling appear, how do you name it?

So you decide this seedling is worth the time and effort to register it with the American Hosta Society. One part of the application is to name the originator of the seedling, protocol for many hosta like this is to give credit to the breeder you bought the seedling or seeds from.

Some sellers do not like to sell seedlings that they decide to cull for several reasons:

The buyer wants to name the seedling and put the seller’s name on it as the originator. The seller does not want their name put on these seedlings, if the seller has decided it is not good enough to keep them and has decided it is not up to their standards and not worthy of their name.

Buyers feel strange putting their name on a plant that they did not create and the seller’s name is not included with it

The buyer purchases a seedling with the plans to use the pollen from it on their own seedlings and creating a brand new plant unique to the buyer.

Culls from these top breeders are quality plants, it is a shame that these are not made available to collectors. Many of these same culls will not be registered, but the only name they will ever get will be their ‘garden’ name.

Breeders have the right to not sell their culls or seedlings, that is a privilege.

So is there a solution to help collectors to acquire a cull in the future-

  • a stipulation for the breeder to not include their name if the seedling is registered
  • a stipulation you will not register the seedling
  • every cull sold by a breeder, besides the purchase price would include a $5 donation to a hosta organization
  • the successful bidder must agree not to propagate, sell or share the plant without permission from the breeder

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Wanted to buy a ‘Dorothy Benedict’ hosta, but it was cost prohibitive. So recently I purchased three small ‘Dorothy Benedict’ F1 seedlings. None of the three (who were culls) showed a lot of streaking, but was very satisfied with them.

3 DBs

Wanting to give them a garden name, so I named one after my mother-in-law ‘Dorothy Miller’, Olympic skater ‘Dorothy Hamill’ and the Wizard of Oz’s ‘Dorothy Gale’. No intentions to register them, but they are just not a DB #1…..