A sport is a leaf bud in a clump of hosta that grows differently than the rest of the clump.

(10-29-18) Erotica comes from a long line of sports, sports that produce more sports. Interesting that this hosta can be traced back a long way and only find in its Heritage Lines a hosta that was another sport.

So you may want to keep an eye on your Erotica for a sport in the future to keep that line going.

Included in the background of Erotica is one hosta of the year and one Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit winner.

Hosta Heritage Lines

Erotica (‘Pin-up’ sport)  (Danny Van Eechaute 2012) Blue-green leaves with a pale-green center that is surrounded by a thick white line

  • Pin-up (‘Kiwi Full Monty’ sport)  (Danny Van Eechaute 2010)
    Creamy-white leaves with a powdery blue-green margin


  • Kiwi Full Monty (‘Striptease’ sport)  (Barry Sligh 2000) (lots of progeny, mostly sports) frosty-blue leaves have golden centers turning to a bright creamy-yellow bordered with flashes of white. Soft lavender flowers


  • Striptease (‘Gold Standard’ sport)  (Criss & Rick Thompson 1991)
    Hosta of the Year for 2005 (lots of progeny, mostly sports) Dark green leaves with a narrow chartreuse center with traces of white. Pale lavender flowers in July


  • Gold Standard (‘Fortunei Hyacinthina’ sport)  (Pauline Banyai 1976)
    Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Hosta 1993 (lots of progeny, mostly sports) Center tums progressively gold/cream throughout the season while the edge remains green. The more sun, the lighter the center gets. Medium lavender blooms appear in early July.