2019 SIGN

(10-16-18) As the frost puts a damper on your hosta growing season, Naylor Creek is putting a smile on your face with a list of introductions for 2019.

HIGHLIGHTS Naylor Creek Posts 2019 Introductions

Valley’s Love Buzz – $60.00 –
This is definitely an OMG!! Beautiful blue leaves are quite ruffled, have white backs and make a beautifully layered mound.

Valley’s Rodeo – $60.00 –
Jeroen creates another stunning vision…dark green leaves have a wavy margin that is stunning and white backs held on purple petioles. ‘Marilyn Monroe’ x ‘Ringtail’ hybrid.

Crow’s Landing Fairy Ghost – $40.00 –
This is a plant from Patsy Stygall of Indianapolis that never got into production…we have just a few divisions of os stock.

Erotica – $40.00 –
A stunning hosta from Danny Van Eechaute…blue-green leaves with a pale-green center that is surrounded by a thick white line. A ”Kiwi Full Monty” sport with a more prominent white line and the blue version of ‘Snake Eyes’

Extreme – $40.00 –
Unique sport of ‘Hadspen Blue’ from Jan van den Top that is marked very similar to ‘Striptease’…thick blue leaves have a greenish-blue center surrounded by a striking white line. One of the most unusual hostas we have carried over the years and always in demand. Good grower but has proven difficult to produce.

Holar Ice Empress – $40.00 –
An ‘Empress Wu’ x ‘Mr Blue’ cross that gives us very powdered, milky blue leaves. Medium to large plant and will only be available this year.

Prime Mark – $38.00 –
This is a WOW! Tricolors of blue, green and cream on a gorgeous heart-shaped leaf with lots of corrugation.