(10-11-18) What’s in a name? This is a pretty funny story…

The other day I received this email about this site –

I have a question. Why is your site address ‘hostage heritage lines’ instead of ‘hosta heritage lines’? In these days of terrorism, computer phishing and scam, it’s disconcerting and more than a little off-putting. I seriously doubt you’re a hosta terrorist oranization lol (unless you’re all a bunch of deer lol), but seriously, what’s the story behind that? Thanks!

I started to smile and thought no way…she must have misread the url for the site.

My reply:

You know I never realized it was hostage instead of hosta…OH MY!  I guess when you are your own editor and you copy and paste links that will happen!

OH NO!!! This person was right, I had registered – hostageheritagelines – instead of HOSTAheritagelines.

My provider is Word Press (which is a quality site), when you register for site they ask what domain you would like and if it is available, after saying what you want they give you numerous available urls. Including some that might be close…well I must have selected hostage…

Wanted to make the change, but there is a lot of issues you face, so I will live with what we have…I must be the hostage of the circumstances 🙂