2019 SIGN

(9-29-18) – In 2019 ‘In Country‘ and Josh Spece will be introducing two new hostas from Don Dean:

Country Warrior

Country Warrior

Country Warrior [((H. ‘William Lachman‘ x H. ‘Sagae‘ sdlg) x H. ‘Sagae)) × H. ‘Russ O’Harra‘] (D. Dean (ONR)
J. Spece (I) 2017)

Quotes from Spece

Stands strong and tall…a very vase-like clump.

Excellent color and good leaf substance.



leaf on the left is what it looks like in the Spring

Transitions ((‘Liberty Bell‘ x ‘Noah’s Ark‘) x (x ‘Sea Drift‘)) sport (Don Dean 2016)

Quote  from Spece

And it gets it’s name because it transitions to this unique old-gold two-toned edge in mid summer.

Dean’s hosta are a big deal to any breeder or collector, especially when new ones are introduced and become available. Don’t be surprised if both are in heavy demand. (see at bottom of page)

In both of these new introductions you will notice that a lot of classic breeders are being used (before 2000). Both have good breeder backgrounds and  that have numerous successes as well.

Hosta Heritage Lines

Country Warrior registration.jpg

Hosta Heritage Lines for Country Warrior

William Lachman (“Vaughn 73-2” x ‘Frances Williams’) (Kevin Vaughn 1981) Blue green streaked white and yellow. Heart shaped leaves. Lavender flowers….numerous progeny over the years

Sagae (fluctuans sport)  (Kenji Watanabe 1996) a double dose in this cross

  • Hosta of the Year for 2000 (HOTY)
  • Benedict Garden Performance Award 2010
  • 1982 President’s Exhibitor Trophy
  • 1987 Benedict Award
  • 1991 Alabama Hosta Society Award
  • 1995 Alex Summers Distinguished Merit Hosta

Russ O’Harra  (pod parent -‘Elatior’ )
(R. O’Harra/B. Olson/M. Zilis/Russ O’Harra Society) (1999)

  • Elatior (unknown) (Fumio Maekawa 1940/Pete & Jean Ruh 2002) has produced numerous sport and progeny, including several Dorothy Benedict crosses.

Transistions registration

Hosta Heritage Lines for Transitions

(Sport of) Liberty Bell (‘Yellow Splash’ x ‘Neat Splash’) (Herb Benedict 1985) Streaked minature, green irregularly, lance shaped leaves of green with white streaking

  • Yellow Splash (‘Aden 270’ x ‘Aden 275’) (1976) green,streaked, yellow,cream, very good breeder
  • Neat Splash (‘Yellow Splash‘ x (x ‘Fortunei Robusta‘(Georg Arends 1905)) (1978) another good breeder, including several more with Yellow Splash

Noah’s Ark (unknown) (Handy Hatfield/AHS/Walek 2009) Large round gray blue-green leaves, another cross with Liberty Bell produced Strawberry Surprise (Don Dean 2008)

Sea Drift (Green Piecrust (Frances Williams/AHS 1986) hybrid) (Mildred Seaver 1978) shiny green leaves

So how bad do you want one (or both) of these 2019 introductions?

Here is what Spece told us –

.I’m offering these as OS divisions direct from Don’s garden. There are fewer than 10 of each available and the price will reflect that.

It may be up to two years before there will be a larger offering, that are not OS divisions.