June flowers

(9-28-18) Being a newbie in the hosta world can be a rude awakening to how you are received by those who have been working with hosta for a long time. It has been a learning experience, one that has taken some of the ‘fun’ out of it on certain days.

I recently asked someone to allow me to do a Hosta Heritage Lines on a new hosta, they responded (appreciate the response, many avoid answering those requests) to my request, here is part of that reply:

The Hosta world is a fickle one, and too much exposure is not always a good thing and there tends to be some backlash.

One told me when I asked to purchase something from them and wanted to add a very special hosta to my newbie garden:

I still have people that would TC my plants if I said the word. I’m sick of people making money off of me with me getting a tiny percentage. Why would I want to sell to you?

Just so you know it is not my purpose to make money, steal breeding techniques, get free seeds or plants, just looking to gain knowledge about the wonderful world of hosta. It amazes me how their are so many different and beautiful new hosta year after year. I love doing the research on them to see how each one developed and how the lines follow a guideline. Yes, I get excited when I add a new addition to my garden, I always look them up to see what makes them special. I have enjoyed seeing seed pods develop from a cross I did, not even knowing if it would even work. Maybe someday I will even have a seed project and see my own seedlings.

I have purchased hosta online (as high as $80), I’ve bought hosta at nurseries and I have even bought them at a box store. I just recently bought some small seedlings and was told they should have been put in the compost pile instead of my garden. Each one is special, it may never win an award or be sold in mass in the futue, but that is ok…it is part of my experience with hosta.

Despite some of the issues above, I still want to be involved in hosta…it still amazes me. There are many other newbies just like me who enjoy hosta at a level that I do.  They are always willing to share their information, which gives me hope.

There has also been some very helpful and wonderful people and when I have asked them for help it was provided, to all of you I thank you greatly for that. To those of you who would like me to do a Hosta Heritage Lines story or list hosta or seeds on the site (free of charge), contact me, absolutely no strings attached.

Did you know…

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