2019 SIGN

In 2019 you will be able to pick-up a hot new hosta release by Don Dean, Pure Intentions. This is a highly anticipated hosta that won the Eunice Fischer Distinguished Merit Hosta in 2016.

You will notice that ‘Frances Williams’ has a lot of influence in the Heritage Hosta Lines, plus several award winning hosta in the mix. Add Don Dean, Kevin Vaughn and Herb Benedict as breeders involved in the crosses…you have a quality hosta.

Pure Intentions‘(‘Breeder’s Choice‘ x ‘Blue Jay‘) (Don Dean 2011)

Hosta Heritage Lines

Breeder’s Choice
(‘Beatrice‘ x ‘Beatrice‘) x ‘Frances Williams‘ (Kevin Vaughn 1987) Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Hosta 1999, Medium green, multicolored streaked and/or margined.
Extremely variable. Lavender flowers.

Numerous progeny from this cross

  • ‘Exuberant’ = PP x ‘Frances Williams’
  • ‘Formal Attire’ = PP x ‘Frances Williams’
  • ‘Mildred Seaver’ = PP x ‘Frances Williams’
  • ‘Pin Stripe’ = PP x ‘Frances Williams’
  • ‘Pin Stripe Sister’ = PP x ‘Frances Williams’

Beatrice¬†¬† (Seedling of lancifolia albomarginata (‘FRW #1246’) = sieboldii) ¬† (Frances Williams 1962) – Planted in 1958, leaves streaked yellow, some may be margined yellow, no two leaves alike, good breeder but may be unstable.

Blue Jay (‘Dorset Blue‘ selfed) (Herb Benedict 1987) – blue heart shaped leaves with heavy substance. Lavender flowers.