(9-20-18) On a recent posting on the ‘Red Hosta’ Facebook page Don Rawson commented –

I love very dark petioles. Do you?

Here is a couple of his seedlings that deliver those for him.

Sugar Plum 1

all photos courtesy of Don Rawson

The above picture is his seedling #0025, Parentage is ‘Sugar Plum’ X OP. It’s a perfect formula to get those dark petioles, anytime you use a Bob Solberg hosta in your mix.

Heritage Hosta Lines

Sugar Plum (seedling x  ‘One Man’s Treasure‘.) (Bob Solberg 2011) – upright dark-green leaves on purple-red petioles, the mystery comes when you see in the parentage listed as ‘seedling’. Nobody does this any better than Solberg at finding the right combination to make quality hosta.

One Man’s Treasure (longipes hypoglauca seedling) (Herb Benedict/Bob Solberg 1999)

This hosta is a great breeder, as you can tell by the progeny:

‘Bombs Bursting in Air’ = PP x ‘Strawberry Delight’
‘Bottle Rockets’ = ‘Little Wiggler’ x PP
‘Cherry Flip’ = “seedling” x PP
‘Corkscrew’ = ‘Tortifrons’ x PP
‘Exotic Treasure’ sport/os
‘Frisian Treasure’ = PP x ‘Maekawa’
‘Holar Black Swan’ = PP x ‘Red Neck Heaven’
‘Holar Crimson Grape’ = PP x ‘Harry van de Laar’
‘Night Flight’ = PP x (‘Grand Slam’ x ‘Party Favor’)
‘Plum Pudding’ = PP x “seedling”
‘Rocket’s Red Glare’ = PP x ‘Strawberry Delight’
‘Saint Sebastian’ = PP x ‘Spritzer’
‘Secret Treasure’ sport/gy
‘Sugar Plum’ = “seedling” x PP
‘Tickle Me Pink’ = PP x ‘Squash Casserole’
‘Valley’s Bossanova’ = ‘Uncle Albert’ x PP
‘Valley’s Bull’s Eye’ = PP x ‘Ringtail’
‘Valley’s Dandy’ = PP x ‘Maya Kingsnake’
‘Valley’s Double’ = PP x ‘Ringtail’
‘Valley’s Lucky Gambler’ = PP x “Valley’s kikutii (K3)”
‘Valley’s Witness’ = PP x (x pycnophylla)

You can purchase One Man’s Treasure online from NH Hostas for $14.00

Best of 20.jpg

Rawson has another hosta that he has a lot of hope for in the future, a Stegeman seedling with very dark petioles.

The parentage is ‘Best of Twenty’ X ‘Riptide

Heritage Hosta Lines

Best of Twenty (longipes f. hypoglauca seedling) (Herb Benedict) Heart shaped blue-green leaves. Very intense purplish red petioles and flower scapes

Riptide – probable hybrid between H. pycnophylla and H. sieboldiana(V. Sellers) Grey-green leaves with red petioles, white back of the leaves.

Another good breeder, you can see by the progeny below:

‘Carolina Blue’ = ‘Halcyon’ x PP
‘Colorado River’ = ‘Neat Splash’ x PP
‘Dragon Fire’ seedling
‘Dragon’s Eye’ seedling
‘Holar Purple Flash’ = ‘Purple Haze’ x PP
‘Lime Custard’ = ‘Lemon Meringue’ x PP
‘Mean Joe Green’ = PP x “seedling”
‘Missouri River’ = ‘Raspberry Sorbet’ x PP
‘Mr Blue’ hybrid
‘Peacock Strut’ seedling
‘Phantom’ seedling
‘Purple Boots’ = ‘Gig Harbor’ x PP
‘Red Cadet’ = PP x ‘Blue Cadet’
‘Red Cloud’ = ‘Neat Splash’ x PP
‘Valley’s Petticoat’ = pycnophylla x PP
‘Virginia Reel’ = ‘Crepe Suzette’ x PP
‘Volcano’ hybrid
‘Xtraordinary’ hybrid

Interesting to note that you can find longipes f. hypoglauca in both of these Rawson seedlings.


‘Best of Twenty’ seedling
‘Blushing Blue’ = PP x ‘Salute’
‘Brandywine’ = (montana ‘Aureomarginata’ x venusta) x PP
‘Chopsticks’ = pycnophylla x PP
‘Cinnamon Sticks’ = PP x ‘Maruba Iwa’
‘Crows Feet’ hybrid
‘Fire Island’ = PP x ‘Crested Surf’
‘Granddaddy Red Legs’ seedling
‘Harry van de Laar’ = PP x ‘Maruba Iwa’
‘Judy Rocco’ = (‘Spritzer’ x pycnophylla) x PP
‘One Man’s Treasure’ seedling
‘Red October’ = PP x ‘Harvest Delight’
‘Red Sox’ = PP x ‘Maruba Iwa’
‘Red Veins’ = PP x longipes ‘Ogon’
‘Reddy Eddy’ seedling
‘Simply Red’ seedling
‘Valley’s Red Raider’ = PP x pycnophylla
‘Valley’s Roadrunner’ = PP x (x kikutii)
‘Valley’s Sand Dance’ = venusta x PP
‘Valley’s White Suit’ = ‘Captain Teach’ x PP