Dr. Robert Yahr

(9-10-18) This hosta is named ‘Dr. Robert Yahr’ after the founder of Rotary Botanical Gardens in Janesville, Wisconsin and was selected by Jeff Miller of Land of the Giants Hosta Farm in Milton (Wisc) and the Wisconsin Hosta Society helped to introduce it. The thick blue leaves are very large and cupped upwards. The hosta is only being be sold at the gardens as a fundraiser and a tribute to Yahr.  One of the keys of making the project a success was Miller’s donation and involvement with getting the hosta officially registered, propagated and made available.

(Hoping soon to find what was used to develop this plant)

Story Updated on 9-16-18

Jeff Miller told us in his reply to the parentage:

Very nice plant but lost the crosses on this plant. A kid came to look at the gardens with his parents and pulled a whole bunch of tags out of the ground.

His best guess on the crosses:

Pretty sure it’s Amos x Abiqua Drinking Gourd

Although the parentage has not been released, coming from Land of the Giants’ Jeff Miller you know it is a quality hosta, worth to have in your collection.

Dr. Robert Yahr reason

Dr. Yahr had a dream in Janesville and the results have been outstanding, the tribute hosta is fitting for a man who had a dream.

Tribute to Dr. Robert Yahr, founder, Rotary Botanical Gardens

Although the Dr. Yahr hosta is a very limited edition, they still have several remaining after this past weekend’s Rotary sale.

Rotary Botanical Gardens
1455 Palmer Drive
Janesville, WI 53545

Main Office: 608-752-3885

Note – There is a trend for hosta breeders to be willing to sell unnamed hostas or give them to special buyers to honor a person in many different ways. Do you know of a hosta like this? Let us know on our Facebook page.