(9-7-18) Steven Schrage has been working to develop his red hosta for the future. The two examples below both were used by Schrage, Alttara Scheer’s Maya Kingsnake.

Scheer talked about her creation on the Fraternal Order of the Seedy Fellows:

A sleek and shiny green, ‘Maya Kingsnake’ is a medium sized plant with new leaves showing red well up into the central leaf vein, petioles red front and back, and gently undulating leaf edges. In August the scapes come slithering up through the foliage, a deeply saturated, dense red which appears pure black. As the scapes elongate the bracts emerge with a bright center, revealing violet buds and finally purple flowers into September. Extremely fertile both ways, and one of my favorite breeders.

The proof of Schrage’s success of these two crosses just verify that his selections were spot on. More and more breeders are using Maya Kingsnake as they look to enhance the red in hosta. Plus, you add some of Jeff Moore’s creations and you are headed in the right direction of fulfilling your goal.

Fletcher_s Beard x Maya Kingsnake


Photo courtesy Steven Schrage

The above cross comes from Fletcher’s Beard (Painted Blueberry x Jack Berry) x Maya Kingsnake

Fletcher’s Beard is a Jeff Moore hosta that Schrage acquired from Moore

Hosta Heritage Lines

Painted Blueberry (Painted Desert x Blueberry Muffin) (Jeff Moore) – Picture

Progeny Illiad‘ = PP x ‘Reptilian

Painted Desert (Jeff Moore) (Color Fantasy x Alabama Gold) x OP

Blueberry Muffin  ( ‘Frances Williams’ and ‘Fall Bouquet’) (B. Meyer NR) red speckled petioles

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Jack Berry (‘Blueberry Muffin‘ x  ‘Mr Jack’) (Rick Goodenough) considered by many to be the best seedling from red and blue lines to date from originator

Metallic blue leaves with red petioles and red veins on top and underside of the leaves

Lots of Blueberry Muffin add to Schrage’s new seedling.


ss 3a

Red Dragon x Maya Kingsnake

The versatility of Maya Kingsnake is shown in this cross with Red Dragon. This new seedlinh held its color through out the summer.

SS 3

Red Dragon – (Elvis Lives x plantaginea) x ‘Red Neck Heaven‘ (Ron Livingston)

bright green leaves are n red petioles, the red extends up to the leaves and the scapes are bright red. Purple flowers

Sports: ‘Dragon Warrior‘ and ‘Eye of the Dragon

Progeny: ‘Atomic Dragon‘ = PP x ‘Atom Smasher‘ and ‘Contorted Dragon‘ = PP x ‘Contort’

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Elvis Lives (‘Peter Pan’ x ‘Green Fountain‘) (Tony Avent 1995) wavy tapered leaves of blue, with medium lavender flowers in early summer.

Peter Pan (nakaiana x ‘Helen Field Fischer‘ ) (Nancy Minks 1980) – Spoon shaped gray green leaves, slightly cupped, Lavender flowers

Green Fountain (‘Green Wedge’ x longipes) (1979) green lance shaped leaves, Pink/lavender flowers

Red Neck Heaven (kikutii caput-avis hybrid) (Tony Avent 1998) selection from seed from Japan – Medium green with thick white wax on back of leaves. Petioles are reddish violet in spring, white flowers

ss streaker red
Fickle Blue Genes x Maya Kingsnake

This shows what can be accomplished with this third Maya Kingsnake seedling in creating an unique hosta with red.

Heritage Hosta Lines

Fickle Blue Genes (William LachmanHosta hypoleuca) (Dr. Ed Elslager 2000)

Medium blue-green streaked with light green, greenish yellow, pale yellow and creamy white. The blue-green margin is 2″wide. Lightly cupped, wavy and corrugated

Can buy online at Land of the Giants for $150.00

William Lachman ((Beatrice) Vaughn 73-2 x ‘Frances Williams‘) (Dr. Kevin Vaughn) sibling to ‘Breeder’s Choice‘, ‘Mildred Seaver‘ and ‘Christmas Tree‘.

Hosta hypoleuca (Japan)