photos courtesy Steven Schrage

(9-6-18) Steven Schrage is looking forward to seeing what his seed pods from his two unnamed seedlings, with a double-dose of Cyclops in the mix, will bring him in the future.

These pods could produce possibly be the biggest streaker in the hosta world, with Cyclops and Amos as a part of the mix, plus Dorthy Benedict in both parents, the recipe is in place.

The cross

It starts here with two unnamed seedlings….

((Outrageous x Grand Canyon) x Cyclops) x ((Skylight x Amos) x Cyclops)

  • pollen parent is a seedling from Kurt Kriefall, seeds came from Jeff Miller

Heritage Lines – for the above crosses

Cyclops (unknown) (Rachel and Jon Soucek) huge, upright, corrugated, blue/green leaves.  Although its origin is unknown, Cyclops is well known to those in the hosta world.

Outrageous = (Pod Parent ‘Dorothy Benedict‘, Pollen parent is Hosta montana ‘Aureomarginata’) (Dr. Ralph (Herb) Benedict/Kevin Walek )
Sports include  ‘My Child Insook‘ a streaker that holds the highest price ever paid for a new introduction for a hosta at the 1998 AHS Hosta convention…$4,100 and  ‘Oh Cindy‘ named for Herb Benedict’s friend Cindy Nance and first sold for $800 at the 2004 AHS Convention in Iowa.

Grand Canyon = Sum & Substance and  montana var. macrophylla  (O.Petryszyn/B. Brincka 1995) upright vase-shaped hosta with chartreuse-green leaves that have good substance and a ruffled leaf margin and white flowers

Skylight = pod parent is (OP) Dorothy Benedict x montana macrophylla (2001 Beverly and Dave Stegeman) heart shaped leaves form a medium-sized clump of aquamarine-blue, thick scapes are topped with fertile lavender flowers in June and early July.

Amos (might be a hybrid out of ‘Big John) (Olga Petryszyn/Dan Cauffman) – sold for $200 at the 2016 AHS online auction

Now the anticipation builds for Schrage and what will result in the future.