Dorothy Benedict is a seedling from ‘Frances Williams‘ (Herb Benedict 1983), some say it was what started the numerous hybrid streakers in the world of hosta that we see to day.

first streaked hosta of H. sieboldiana lineage, blue-green with streaked and mottled areas of chartreuse, green and creamy yellow

It has impressed over the years, with awards and high bids at auction to acquire just one…Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award winner 2007, brought $3,000.00 at the 1997 National Convention

According to several sources, Frances Williams – sieboldiana ‘Elegans’ seedling-(heavily corrugated and round, blue leaves are edged with a wide golden border) was very influential in creating an interest in hostas with hybridizers, botanists, and collectors beginning in the 1930’s. This eventually led to the creation of the American Hosta Society.  This hosta also won the Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award 1986, 31 years before Dorothy Benedict.

Interesting to note that online you can purchase Frances Williams for under $20.

Dazzlin Jazz

photo of ‘Dazzlin Jazz’ courtesy of Debbie Bailey Zingshiem

Seedling crosses from Dorothy Benedcit are becoming a hot item recently on auction sites. Debbie Zingshiem won an auction on Hollywood Bob’s Hosta Auction and Farm for a $150, which included being able to name the new streaked seedling…now known as ‘Dazzlin Jazz‘ (Dorothy Benedict x OP).

Dazzlin Jazz 1

photo of ‘Dazzlin Jazz’ courtesy of Debbie Bailey Zingshiem