Thanks to Rob Seale for use of these pictures…

(8-28-18) Rob Seale of Canton, Michigan had a good year in producing beautiful multiple seedlings.  In the picture above you can see the plantings in Seale’s new bed of 70 of his seedlings (9 months) this past week.

RS-Spartacus x OP and Miss Susie x OP



RS-William Lachmann x Sagae x Green Dragonet

Heritage Lines for the two above

William LachmanVaughn 73-2 (seedling of Beatrice) X Frances Williams (Dr. Kevin Vaughn)

Sagae – From Japan, it was discovered in the town of Sagae in northern Honshu (K. Watanabe/AHS 1996) – Selected by the American Hosta Growers Association as Hosta of the Year in 2000 and Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultral Society

Green DragonetButternut Hill × Chartreuse Wedge (Clarence Owens 1999)

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But the story of MC2Red sticks out when Rob Seale revealed some of his new additions (9 months)  that he recently planted. Thanks to Dan Wols, Seale was off to a fast start as a new breeder when he first started making crossings. The story of how these three seedlings were crossed is quite interesting.

Dan Wols commented on MC2Red:

I grew some MC2Red x OP seeds I purchased from Doug Beilstein’s Hosta Works in 2008. If I recall correctly from a conversation about ten years ago MC stood for a Mary Chastain breeder. I crossed that with Blue Mammoth and grew it out for a number of years. I gifted that seedling to Rob when it was loaded with pods because we kind of hit it off, and I was kicking out the seedlings left and right at the time. Thought it might give him a head start. Sounds like the “Mom” of this seedling is one of the seedlings Rob grew from the OP pods on the plant at the time?  Then his seedling he crossed with Blue Lettuce. Can’t wait to see this one in a couple of years. Great cross Rob!

RS-MC2Red x OP seeds - Doug Beilstein_s Hosta Works in 2008

courtesy Dan Wols

Here’s a pic of the gift plant before I sent it. Rob’s seedling looks way better already. Fun to see his improvement of it in future generations.

Rob Seale has produced these two seedlings that used MC2Red influence in 2018 and tells us some insight on them and comments on Wols’ statement above:

RS-MC2Red x Blue Mammoth x OP x Blue Lettuce and (MC2RED x Blue Mammoth x OP) x Elegans.jpg


And yes, the plant you gifted me is the grandmother to the seedling in the pic. The mother is a beautiful streaker from your plant crossed with Blue Lettuce. I will always be grateful for the plant you sent me and your advice over the years.

Heritage Lines

Blue Mammouth – (Paul Aden/Pete & Jean Ruh 2010) pod parent is Hosta sieboldiana

Blue Lettuce –  Gold Regal x Blue Vision (Mark Zilis 2012)

Elegans – (Georg Arends/Nils Hylander/AHS 1987) , 1991 Lucille Simpers Award

rs-blue lettuce

(left) Blue Lettuce (right) MC2Red x Blue Mammoth x OP cross x crossed with Blue Lettuce 

Did you know….

Just in this posting we see two hosta, that are only named by their seedling identification by their breeders – MC2Red and Vaughn 73-2. You will see this in many hosta descriptions.

Doug Beilstein’s Hosta Works  website, you can purchase seeds from numerous crosses on this site just like Wols did. Seeds are very reasonably priced.

Mary Chastain and her husband, Roy, developed the “Lakeside” series of hostas from their Lakeside Acres Nursery in Ooltewah, Tennessee