(8-26-18) How much would you pay for a hosta that you really want to add to your garden?

When you do purchase that hosta, why do you want it so bad? Good breeder, the hybrid comes from the person who originated it, got caught up in the moment…there is a lot of reasons some of us do it. To those who are not caught up in the hosta like many of us, $20 is an expensive plant to purchase.

What is your limit?

  • under $50
  • under $100
  • under $150
  • if you want it no limit

Below is some pricing from those who wanted a hosta pretty bad for their collection.

The 2018 American Hosta Society Online Auction results:


  • S1,000 – Entranced OS – donated by Dan Wols
  • $625 – Apple Pucker OS – donated Matt Bendig
  • $514 – Evil Woman OS – donated by Chuck Wasitis
  • $500 – Because of Art OS – donated by Ternes – Botanophilia LLC


  • $176 – Schrange combo of several crosses (160+ seed)  – Steve Schrang


Land of the Giants Hosta

Hostas On The Bluff

Northern Grown Perennials

In The Country

Hosta Auctions Facebook (that ended on 8-26-18)

So let’s hear what your limit it is? You can comment on our Facebook page –

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