Cabin Fever

photo courtesy Hollywood Bob’s Hosta: Auction & Sales

Wisconsin’s Jeff Moore knows how to make quality hosta crosses, the Heritage lines are quite impressive, using a Bob Solberg hosta and cross it with a Dan Heims hosta, which has won several key awards over the years, and you have Cabin Fever.


Cabin Fever + Party Favor x Jade Cascade (Jim Roach/Jeff Moore)
Party FavorDonahue Piecrust x Akebono (Bob Solberg/E. Crouch 2000)
“blackish” bloom scapes, leaves are blue-green, ruffled margin

has produced

  • ‘Academy Resplendent Froufrou’ seedling,
  • Celtic Dancer’ = ‘Grand Slam’ x PP
  • ‘Renaldo’s Twisted Fate’ seedling

Jade Cascade – hybrid of H. montana ssp. macrophylla (Dan Heims/AHS/Walek 2009)
green leave Winner of the 1996 AHS Pauline Banyai Award & the David Van Fleet Award and best of Section in the cut-leaf show

has produced

  • ‘Bolt’ seedling
  • Gate Keeper’ seedling
  • Locksmith’ seedling
  • ‘Scituate Sunrise’ = ‘Dancing Queen’ x PP

Note: Auction is open on a Cabin Fever OS from Hollywood Bob’s Hosta: Auction & Sales until Sunday night August 26th, 2018 at 7pm