Garnet Spires X First Blush seedling from Jeff White

photo thanks to Jeff White

(8-24-18) Jeff and Marie White are going to make a lot of you happy who are hoping for the continued development of a red leaf hosta. Today he released pictures of a cross that has moved that development one step closer.

The Whites used plants from developed by some of the best, Don Dean and Bob Solberg, who both know a little about red hosta. Doing a search online Garnet Spires is not readily available to purchase, but after this cross some will look at it for future crossings. First Blush is still a hosta making news as it continues as the forerunner of red in hosta.

The cross-

Garnet Spires (‘Liberty Bell‘ x (‘Urajiro Hachijo‘ x pycnophylla) x ‘Mikawa-no-Yuki‘) (Don Dean 2005) Mikawa-no-Yuki is a white backed longipies x kikutti Japanese import
First Blush [(Solberg 48/49 seedling × H. ‘Beet Salad‘)] (Bob Solberg 2016) red petioles that extend into the leaf blade but also a thin red margin around the leaf

  • more Heritage lines for Garnet Spires

Liberty Bell (‘Yellow Splash’ x ‘Neat Splash’) (Herb Benedict 1985), also known for its its crossing and making red or purple in the scapes and petioles in crosses

  • Yellow Splash  (Aden 270 X Aden 275) (Paul Aden)
  • Neat Splash (Yellow Splash X seedling of Fortunei Robusta)  (Paul Aden 1978)

Mikawa-no-Yuki – (kikutii white back. X longipes white back) (H. Sugita/P. Ruh)

  • more Heritage lines for First Blush

Beet Salad – clausa normalis F2 seedling X Strawberry Banana Smoothie sibling (Bob Solberg 2009) has great pollen and does set red seed pods and appears to pass along the red margin
Solberg 48/49 seedling – also a part of new Solberg hosta Tom Terrific (large yellow hostas with purple petioles) which was crossed with Key West

Strawberry Banana Smoothie – pod parent ‘Whiskey Sour‘. (B. Solberg)

The pods from the cross…


From the beginning…

Jeff White 1.jpg

photos courtesy of Jeff White

A look at these new seedlings…

Jeff White

photos courtesy of Jeff White